Hello hello! How are you? I am so glad you are here. 

This website is targeted to college students. Its purpose is to encourage and help us achieve distance from the everyday anxieties that cause discomfort in our lives. 

This is a sculpture I made in my high school studio art class. I wanted to explore human vulnerability. Read more about it in my post in the "Let's Talk" section. 

The fast-paced, social media-centered environment that we live in often encourages superficiality. We show faces to the world - through facebook, instagram, etc - that are not necessarily reflective of our true selves. We are told to "look good," to mask our vulnerability, and pretend we are fine and know exactly what we are doing. It's hard to admit it when we are confused and overwhelmed, unsure of who we are or what really matters. 

I believe that through talking and sharing about what really is on our minds we can potentially achieve some distance from the craziness of our lives. In the "let's talk" tab, I hope to create a space where we can talk together, about our lives, our priorities, and the distractions that may complicate them. Please, please join in on the conversation, by commenting on my posts with responses to the questions I pose, or questions of your own. 

I'm Annika, a Junior at the University of Michigan. I guess I am a "typical" college student: confused and 

overwhelmed, both disenchanted by and hopeful about the world around me. 

Meet Pueblo. He's glad you're here too. 

I have found that meandering, stream-of-conscious writing helps me make sense of my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. In my "writing therapy" tab, you can read some of my personal writings from the past year. I encourage you to try out casual writing on your own, and in our conversations on this site.